Francisco Sousa

Francisco Sousa

I’m a subjective information reflection.

I’ve found the motivation for this blog after years of visits to libraries, book markets and the sorts! The feeling I get in each of those visits is that there’s a main interest of selling to the masses, to feed the urge of brief trends. With this reality, it becomes increasingly difficult to find books that make us grow. I’m not saying this to offend anyone, there’s need of diversity no doubt, but the fact remains that, if you’re searching for specific reading material, it can be quite a feat to achieve your goal.

My purpose is to present books I’ve found to be of fantastic value!

Whenever possible, a link of a free digital version will be posted also and, if time is generous, a brief description of the book itself.

Hope you all enjoy the suggestions as I have the pleasure of discover and presenting them to you.

Feel free to drop me a message on the Contact page.

All the best,